Just Donate

i learn to be pemurah by donate some of my money for tamrin. 
it is hard actually because it was the first time.
but when i remember the memories how my friends and I had to struggle for tamrin.
we had to go sana-sini just for small sponsorship.
it is tired and I start to feel the hardship day by day.

now, i came with the solution.
i dont want my junior feel what i feel.
it is pain, hurt, sick, shame, horrible.
just donate some of your money to them.
so that they dont have to go unknown company.


The Day To Remember

i dont know how to say
tonight is horrible and disaster
not one, not double, but triple trolls i get
first vote i lose
second vote lose too
everybody keep laughing
i tried smile and keep laugh
no i cant do it

on the way home
foreigner is on the floor
can i help u sir
it just his bufday troll
again it burn my feeling

luckily she still waiting
with her motor
for the bufday present
bibir membeku, lidah kelu
no single word is come out
hopefully you happy with it